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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


by News Channel 8's Jamie MuroPosted
Aug. 27, 2007Updated 10:00 PM
Marlborough (WTNH) _ A group of Connecticut firefighters and emergency responders have returned to Connecticut after fighting fires in Michigan.

When volunteer firefighter Bonny Richards told her boss she'd be gone for two-weeks, she made sure to emphasize it would not be a vacation. "Once you are out there, you are not answering a cell phone, you are not doing your everyday life. It's something completely different," said Bonny.

The 20-member crew from Connecticut were called to Newberry, Michigan to help fight a blaze that covered about 18,000-acres.

"Basically we were doing a lot of hot, dirty, unglamorous work," said DEP firefighter Mark Lewis.

Those long, hot days and the grueling work schedule did not go unnoticed by press and the locals.

"The people in the upper peninsula of Michigan were extremely kind and grateful to us. They were doing our laundry for us, bringing us homecooked meals," said Lewis.

Now, Bonnie and the rest of the crew are home and it is time to unpack the bags and reconnect with family. After two-weeks in Michigan, a much needed vacation is needed and Connecticut seems like a perfect spot.

The wildfire, which started by a lightning strike, is about 80-percent contained.


  1. Cathie8:28 AM

    Cathy - I like to Thank YOU for all the information that I am getting regarding the fire from your site. Yours, with another site, is how I am getting the information . I have passed on your link to friends downstate who are not getting this type of information at all. Once again - THANKS!!!

  2. Cathie, you are more than welcome and I'm glad that you shared this website address with others.

    Take care!

  3. laundry landy2:39 PM

    I did Bonnie Richards laundry. I feel so important being she was in the newspaper. I feel like I did a celebrities laundry. Well in a way I guess the firefighters are celebrities to us.

  4. Laundry lady, How COOL is that!!! I'm glad that you saw this article and it "hit home" with you and what you did! Good job!!!! And yes, they are celebrities in our eyes, aren't they?!


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