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A long time ago, I was a child. (I started out as Cathy First from Colon, Mi.) For the past several years I’ve been an adult. A lot of things went on between those two stages of life; probably no more or no less than anyone elses. My husband and I moved to “da U .P” from southern Lower Michigan several years ago (yes we were trolls at one time). We owned and operated and operate Clementz’s Northcountry Campground and Cabins just north of Newberry, Michigan until May 2015. We have grown kids and grandkids (who all live downstate). My passion is life and all that Nature has to offer us and trying to photograph it in unique ways. Our intention in life is to see all that Nature has to offer us. We hope that you will be a part of our adventures as we cruise through our lives together. Come back often!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, I said I was going to get back to more of what Yooper Yarns was started for….my personal musings and trying to promote the area with providing information to my readers.

I hope my ramblings of today don’t come across as a “pity party”. I am still trying to find the bright side in all that has been happening the past 12 days or so.

It was a short night for me last night. It wasn’t our dogs that got me up at the “crack of dark” to go outside…it was all my thoughts and our latest disappointment that kept me from sleeping last night. This time I can’t even blame the neighbor dog for my lack of sleep!

I hadn’t shared this info with you because we didn’t know if it WAS going to happen or not. Sunday evening, one of the DNR officers called me and asked if we could find room for 40 fire fighters; there was a new crew coming in and since the motel rooms were all booked in Newberry, these guys and gals were going to have to “tent it”. We also had one cabin that was going to be used by the “fighters”. This could have been for as long as 2 weeks or up to 4 weeks. I told the DNR officer that Dan and I would be very honored to have them staying here and that I was sure, under the circumstances, that the DEQ and the County Health Department would allow us to have that many tents on 4 of our sites (our tent sites are HUGE). Even though the State of Michigan would be paying for their stay, we gave them a rate that was pretty close to ½ price…as I said, we would have been honored to have them here. We got the news last night that the “fighters” were going to be pitching their tents in the area in front of the DNR District Field office…so this is disappointing for us…and not just because of the $$, although that certainly would have helped a BIT considering all the reservations we have lost.

I can tell you that just for THIS week alone, we have lost a bit over $1000 now in camping reservations. This is where I am having a hard time finding the good part of all of this. I know that sounds very selfish. ON the plus side, where it has burned, when that starts to grow again, it is going to be lush and wonderful new vegetation for the wild life, etc. So, the fire, if you look at it that way, has performed a “favor” to the flora and fauna and wild life of the area. The fire, as tragic as it has been, HAS been a boost to the motels and restaurants in Newberry because of needing “homes” and food for the fire fighters and volunteers. So that is good. And while I have made many new friends via the reports I’ve been posting and I appreciate all the letters, emails and people stopping in to say “Hi” and “thanks”, I’m having a hard time seeing the good in OUR situation. I’m usually the person that if I were to fall off a 20 story building, while falling, around the 13th floor I would say “So far, so good!”. But, we won’t make that lost income up.

Maybe the good of me not sleeping last night was that it gave me the opportunity to have some “quiet time” in the dark on our deck with my cup of coffee this morning. I did get to see a couple of falling stars or possibly they were comets, I don’t know. I do know that if it wasn’t for the fear or the U.P. version of the tarantella (AKA wolf spiders) I would have spread out a heavy blanket on the ground so I could lie there and watch the early morning sky (the 4:30 a.m. sky)…that and I was getting hives on my arms and legs from the cold damp air! And a crick in my neck from looking upwards! But it was peaceful!

I guess another good aspect of lack of business is the bathhouse and Laundromat is staying extremely clean and the campground light bill for next month won’t be very high! And the lack of business has given me a LOT more time for watching the humming birds. So I guess there are some positive sides to it!

And, since I do try to help promote the area, please make sure you check out some of the links that appear in the right hand side column. It won’t be long and I’ll be updating the fall color report. You can find that report by going to our website at http://www.northcountrycampground.com/ and click on the Fall Color report. Once there, you can book mark it. Once we are done with the fall colors, I will start doing the Snow Dance in hopes of us all having a great winter for snowmobilers. Last year was NOT a good year for snowmobiling in our area due to lack of snow.

I update the Eastern U.P. Trail report which can also be found via our website. And please, if you have time, check out our guest book. There is a link to it in the column to the right. It is called Northcountry Guestbook, Vacation Vibes. Maybe you’ve had a vacation in the area that you want to tell others about or just take the time to read through the posts.


Catch up with ya all later!


  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    cathy, we're sorry to hear it didn't work out with the fire fighters coming to stay with ya. and we don't think you are having a pity party. business is in bad shape all over michigan. and this isn't helping you guys up there.

    we'll hope to be up this witner and will plan on staying with you guys.

    take care and thanks for all the info.

  2. Carl & Co.8:34 PM

    We'll be up tomorrow and looking forward to it.

    See you then.

  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hi Cathy
    Sorry about the loss of income.
    You have had the best updates on the fire and the conditions in the area. I live south of Paradise and found that the Newberry radio stations stopped the updates about 5 or 6 pm. You updated day and night to keep the people informed.
    You always go above and beyond to help the other people. Your snowmobile reports are always correct also. As you know people traving to the area look for the places with the correct imformation. It maybe slow now but things have to get better for everyone. I work ar LP in Newberry and we are going though plant layoffs and low sales now.
    Thank you for your time and support for the area.

  4. Thanks to all of you for your comments. We all are doing what we can to help out! And I will find a better attitude about the loss of business!! It's in me some place!



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