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Friday, April 27, 2007


There are some very powerful letters being written to our State government officials in regards to with holding the protected funds.

The following is some of the highlights from one in particular. It was written by Kevin A. Eisenheimer, State Rep 105th House District to the Honorable Jennifer Granholm.

1. “Withholding the funds has, in more than one case, caused personal financial hardship. It certainly hasn’t improved our constituents’ confidence in their government.”

2. “How does the limitation on the release of restricted funds, funds which cannot be used for any general fund purpose, aid the state’s fiscal crisis in any way? These dollars, collected from boat and snowmobile registrations, for example, cannot be used to pay the day to day bills of the state. So, what is the benefit of keeping the restricted fund dollars in Lansing?”

3. “Isn’t it the case that release of restricted funds into the economy in accord with their award would provide additional tax receipts to the state as t hose funds are utilized to purchase goods?”

He closes his letter with the following:
“Based on the comments from the Marquette office, it would appear that your office is engaging in a high stakes poker game to force the legislature to accede to additional taxes by refusing to release already budgeted, already appropriated funds that cannot be used for any general fund purpose. I hope I am misreading the landscape.”


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