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Thursday, March 08, 2007


We have talked before about my best friend Anne and the hijinx that we occasionally “get up to”…well, not EVERYTHING has been discussed, but you know that we enjoy seeing each other our once or twice a year and try to make every moment count.

She and Mike will be coming up the first week of June. Mike will be trailering his motorcycle up so he can do some riding while they are here. She and I will find something to do to entertain us, I’m sure.

When they come up, she always plans a menu for all of us while they are staying here. Anne is a terrific cook and really enjoys experimenting with new dishes…and of course, we are all willing to try it out. One of the times she was here, she made some casserole type dish that was made with potatoes, baby onions, some other ingredients and some crunchy stuff that I couldn’t identify…but it was SOO good, so I asked for the recipe. She rattled it off and then she said “and 4 TBLS of Fryin’ Magic.” I told her that I had NO idea what the heck that was. She explained that it is a type of coating, it comes in a box and you can get it at the grocery store.

Well, I looked at our grocery store next time I was in town and I couldn’t come up with any Fryin’ Magic. I couldn’t even come up with Shake and Bake! (Do they still make that stuff???) I emailed her when I got home and told her that there was none to be had in our little burg so she said she would get a couple of boxes and mail them to me. Not only is she a good cook, but she is a very thoughtful person…and this casserole WAS that good that I did want to be able to make it!

This was part of our email conversation;

From Anne; I just hope the box doesn't explode during transport. What a mess that would be! I've got it wrapped pretty good though.

From me: Hey, if it explodes, will I be the center of a postal investigation for “white substance”??

From Anne: Oops.........I hadn't even thought of that! I'm getting this mental image of the post office calling you to come down immediately. When you walk in, there's the postmaster (or mistress whatever the case may be) standing there with Fryin’ Magic all over their face, both hands flat on the counter in front of them, head down, eyes looking up at you. And they say, "Mrs. Clementz.....do you know a person by the name of Anne- ********??

From there we went to the following:
ME: Do you suppose we could end up on the Evening News with this Fryin’ Magic caper???

ANNE: Wouldn't that be hilarious?!? OMG! I can hear Dan Rather:

"There was an alarming incident in a small settlement called Newberry in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan today. It involves the post office and a powdery white substance. These types of alarming incidents are becoming commonplace since 911. The FBI was called in. The substance was analyzed & discovered to be the harmless coating mix called Fryin’ Magic. It seems that this item is a little hard to find in the Upper Peninsula. A woman needed some Fryin’ Magic to make a casserole for Thanksgiving. The woman's friend from Lower Michigan packed up a 2 boxes and sent it to her via the US postal service. When it arrived at the post office in Newberry, the packages exploded, coating the entire post office (I told you Newberry is a small settlement) in the white powdery substance. Everyone had a good laugh, and the woman announced that she will have to find another casserole to make as there isn't enough time to get another package of Fryin’ Magic to Newberry before Thanksgiving.

The local Newberry grocery stores have announced that they will start carrying Fryin’ Magic"

None of this actually happened, but it is ironic since that time I HAVE been able to get Fryin’ Magic at the IGA store!

(I want it known that neither Anne nor I take security issues lightly nor do we take the role of law enforcement lightly; we were just having some fun with this.)

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