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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


If you’ve been reading my Yarns for a while, you know that when I find a product or a company that I’m exceptionally pleased with that I share it with you.

Have you ever heard of Drs. Foster and Smith from Wisconsin? They are a veterinary clinic and a pet supply store. They have online shopping as well as sending out catalogues. We’ve used them for years but our purchases have always been small ones (like hypo-allergenic dog treats, dog sweaters, Bio-Spot for fleas and ticks, things like that…it isn’t like we are a HUGE customer of theirs).

Chewy, my little old Shih-tzu, has severe tummy problems and pancreatic flare ups. She is on Hills Rx dog food but even that wasn’t helping her this winter. I finally figured out she has a gas problem. So, I did some online searching and found out that non-fat plain yogurt can help with it, but I also found that there is a product called Acidophilus that is specifically made for this problem plus it has other good stuff in it for a dogs system too. Drs. Foster and Smith have it so I ordered one bottle. I didn’t want to order more than one in case it didn’t do any good.

It really has helped her, so before that bottle was completely gone, I ordered 3 more. They always ship Fed Ex…and you may remember OUR Fed Ex guy is currently in prison for involvement in a murder for hire scheme here at the Newberry prison. Ryder has taken over the Fed Ex route in our area.

I was tracking my shipment online via the tracking # they sent me and it should have been here on the 15th….never showed up. FINALLY the 16th, late in the day, the big old Ryder truck pulled in and delivered my package. She said “I would have been here yesterday. I was in Newberry but the weather started getting bad so I didn’t come out. I headed home.” THE WEATHER STARTED GETTING BAD??? I MISSED THAT SOMEHOW????? She left, I opened the box and two of the bottles were frozen solid and the other was very “chunky” sounding when I shook it. BIG BOLD PRINT ON THE BOTTLES; DO NOT FREEZE!!!

I got online in Drs Foster and Smith “chat with a live agent” and told her what had happened. She said that if they have been frozen to throw them away, do NOT use them. Then she told me that they would “next day FED EX AIR” ship me 3 more bottles at THEIR cost! They are expected to arrive today. I expect the same gal with the same Ryder truck to actually be delivering them.

I just checked the tracking # and they arrived at Indianapolis at 12:44 a.m. this morning…and looks like they are still there. I truly doubt that there is going to be any aircraft in my vicinity to personally drop them off, but regardless of how they get here, hopefully they won’t be frozen this time!

My point is that Drs Foster and Smith is one of those companies that I put up there with caring about THEIR customers. At least they have tried to get the shipment here over night. I truly do not expect it till tomorrow though. I’ll let ya know!

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