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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Ya know, it isn’t too often that I can say that I am actually outraged by something. OH, I can get good and mad and have an ugly on for a while. But I can honestly say after getting a statement from BC as to what the charges were for an office visit to a new family physician, I AM TOTALLY OUTRAGED!

Our Dr moved downstate, so Dan and I (and about 1400 others) had to find a new Dr. There were two new Drs associated with Helen Newberry Joy Hospital that were taking on new patients. We made our choice and had our first appointment in early December.

There wasn’t anything wrong with either one of us, but they wanted all new patients to be seen by the Dr; kind of get to know you and go over your records. Fine, we can do that.

I probably spent a total of 7 minutes with the Dr. Dan probably spent the same amount of time when it was his turn. Our BC statement showed that MY visit was $123.00 and Dan’s was $184.00! FOR AN OFFICE CALL!!! For the past several years we have been paying $62 for an office call. The Dr we had previously had her own office and staff, took blood work, etc. She would actually spend time with you…sometimes so much time that she would get behind with her appointments.

Anyway, I called Helen Newberry Joy Hospital billing department to see first, why Dan’s was so much higher than mine and why an office visit would cost $123 in the first place. A mistake had been made on Dan’s and they would resubmit it to BC but mine was correct and that “is the going rate” for just an office call.

My orthopedic surgeon’s office visit is $64. I have seen an oncologist who charged $90 for an office visit. I was referred to a rheumatologist (which for whatever reason when you are referred it costs more for the first visit) and that appointment was less than $123. A throat specialist? $90.00 Dan sees a dermatologist once or twice a year and even THAT is less than an office visit to a Newberry Dr! My daughter and sister both have a specialist in Kalamazoo and their office visits are less than $70!

At this rate, even with the price of gas, no more often than Dan and I require a Dr, I think we’ll try to find one in the Soo (checking the rates first of course!)!

This is where YOU come in! PLEASE EMAIL ME THE GOING RATE FOR YOUR AREA FOR AN OFFICE VISIT! I am totally serious about this request! My email address is cclementz@lighthouse.net. I don’t need or want to know the circumstances; just the town, state and rate.

I feel a Letter to the Editor coming on….

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