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Friday, January 19, 2007


By JOHN PEPIN, Journal Munising Bureau

MUNISING — Law enforcement officials at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore have several reminders for snowmobilers using the park.Only certain areas are open to snowmobile travel at Pictured Rocks.

“Within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, snowmobiles are permitted on the frozen waters of Lake Superior and Grand Sable Lake and on specific designated roads and road shoulders as listed in the Code of Federal Regulations,” Chief Ranger Larry Hach said.

The listing of the park riding regulations is found at 36 Code of Federal Regulations Section 7.32.
A list of specific areas open to snowmobiles at Pictured Rocks includes:
≤ Sand Point Road from the park boundary to Lake Superior.
≤ From the park boundary off City Limits Road southwest to the Becker
Farm, and down to Sand Point Road.
≤ Miners Falls Road, Miners Castle Road and parking area, and theMiners Beach Road.
≤ From the park boundary in Section 32, T48N, R17W, to the Chapel Falls parking area.
≤ Road from H-58 at the park boundary to the Little Beaver LakeCampground.
≤ Road from H-58 at the park boundary to the Twelvemile BeachCampground.
≤ Road from H-58 to the Hurricane River Campground.
≤ Road from H-58 to the Log Slide parking lot.
≤ Michigan Dimension Road from the park boundary to the Log Slide parking lot.≤ The frozen waters of Lake Superior and Grand Sable Lake.

In addition to these federal requirements, rangers said snowmobile use at the park must be conducted in full accordance with state laws.

“The snowmobile speed limit within the park is 45 miles per hours, unless otherwise posted,” Hach said.

Rangers also wanted to remind snowmobilers to keep on designated routes to avoid causing damage to natural resources and other park features.

“We have had some very significant resource damage in the Grand Sable Dunes and along the Sullivan’s Beach areas in past years,” Hach said. “These are areas with very sensitive resources and we hope everyone will work with us to protect critical park resources while also enjoying the park.”

Hach said those riding snowmobiles outside the designated areas are subject to fines and/or arrest.

“We also remind snowmobilers that many of these same areas are being enjoyed by backcountry skiers and visitors on snowshoes,” Hach said. “Let’s make sure we all enjoy the park this winter with no one getting hurt.”

For more information about snowmobiling at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, contact park headquarters at 387-2607 or the Grand Marais Ranger Station at 494-2669.

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