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Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Are you a little burned out by all the talk about the Lodge repairs?

Me too; let's take a break for a column revolving around the phrase "I'll bet you didn't know "

That North Dakota is the only state that bans parking meters on public streets.
The ban has been in effect for 59 years. Way to go, Fargo!

That it's against the law to pump your own gasoline at service stations in Oregon and New Jersey.

That although the driver's license test has largely been phased out, previously in Michigan you could get every question on the test wrong and still receive your license.

That it's now legal in Michigan to drive home with that unfinished bottle of wine you ordered at the restaurant. Gov. Jennifer Granholm recently signed a bill that allows diners to drive with their leftover wine as long as the bottle is resealed to the point where the cork is level with the lip of the bottle.

That M-185 is the only state highway in the nation where motor vehicles are banned.
Why? Because it's on Mackinac Island, where nonemergency vehicles are prohibited.

That the first Michigan road map was published in 1826 and it only had three roads on it.

That Michigan is the only state that has county road commissions designated by the state constitution.

That Montana has no official daytime speed limit law. Motorists are allowed to drive at what is considered to be a "reasonable and proper limit."Can you still receive a speeding ticket? Yes, if an officer feels you were driving too fast for the conditions of the road.

That if you are caught driving drunk on a snowmobile or off-road vehicle, the law requires that the Michigan Secretary of State record onto your driving history any violations or points you received.

That the majority of alcohol-related crashes/fatalities among snowmobile riders occur at night and among males ages 19 to 34 years old.

That the law that prohibited the use of a police scanner in a car has been rescinded in Michigan.

The use of a scanner by convicted felons, or in the commission of a crime, is prohibited but not by ordinary citizens with a clean record.

That Michigan is one of only 11 states that ban the use of sobriety check points.

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