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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


When I first read the title of the following article, I thought for sure it had to be in reference to scents hunters use when hunting deer (which to humans are not a very nice smell at all)....but that wasn't the case.

I can understand how this can affect some people, but in a way, it is kind of funny...as long as you aren't the person who is affected.

(BTW, the title is from a song...care to guess who sang it??)

DNR asking public to leave scents behind at its public meetings
Monday, December 04, 2006

The notices are a new requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act, to protect people who have allergic or other reactions to colognes and perfumes.

Public agencies have for years been required to provide notice that accommodations will be made at meetings for people with disabilities, such as the need for an interpreter if someone is deaf.

Wilson said officials that enforce the ADA recently added the ''personal scent'' disclaimer to meeting notice requirements.

She said she hasn't seen other public agencies using the new advisory yet, and doesn't know of any specific complaints to the DNR about heavily scented meeting-goers.

She said her agency just felt it was important to begin using the line to create awareness.
''It's certainly part of your personal freedoms to wear these kind of scents and personal care products if you're going to a dinner party ... but if you're going to a public meeting, it may be best to consider the impact of some of your personal hygiene on those around you,'' Wilson said.
She said she can relate to the scent situation from when she used to work at a radio station in Northern Michigan.

''We would occasionally have students or guests that would come in for a live interview wearing heavy perfume and in a closed setting like in a radio studio, it was stifling,'' she said.
''I've also been on planes with people that are wearing a lot of cologne and have people around them sneezing and coughing.''

Dr. Richard Horbal, a Bay City allergist, said reactions to colognes and perfumes are pretty common.

''A third of the population has allergies and I'd suspect a big portion of those are sensitive to colognes or perfumes,'' Horbal said.

''I make sure my staff never wears colognes or perfumes and ask patients who come in not to wear them.''

Wilson said it's not clear exactly what ''heavily scented personal care products'' are covered by the new notice. She figures the requirement probably won't result in someone being ejected from a meeting, either.

''I guess the point to be made there is if you want to make a personal statement about yourself in a public setting, maybe it's more appropriate to do it with your personality and your smile and your intelligent conversation,'' she said.

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