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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Have you ever wondered how many different brands of toothpaste there is?? And each brand has several different varieties.

I never really thought about it until the other day. Remember the story about the new electric toothbrush and how Colgate Total was the best to use? I did some additional reading in that big guidebook that came with the toothbrush and it stated that GEL paste works better with an electric toothbrush. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

While in the Soo the other day, we stopped at Wal-Mart with our little list in hand. The last item on the list was to find Colgate Total GEL. Until that point, I never realized HOW many different brands and off-shoots of brands of toothpaste there is! IT is like a family tree! And of course, there are small tubes, tubes that are 6.4 ounces and some that are up to 8 ounces (so watch the size for the best price!).

I finally found the Colgate Total in gel formula, but it was “minty” flavor and that is not a favorite of mine. So I walked another 10 feet or so down the aisle and was STILL in the Colgate section! I ended up with the “minty”.

I didn’t take the time to count all the various brands and the various generic brands, but let me just say my glasses were getting steamed up and my eyes were darting within their sockets….and this was just in the 10’ section of Colgate! BTW, I DID find an 8 ounce tube of this stuff and it WAS cheaper than the 6.4 ounce tube! AND IT CAME WITH A FREE TOOTHBRUSH TO BOOT!!!

I did a search this morning about brands of toothpaste, and this is what I came up with as the MOST popular brands in the U.S….there are 21 popular brands of toothpaste in the U.S. One of them is called Tom’s of Maine…never heard of it. And you will be happy to know that in Israel, according to this search, there is one popular brand of toothpaste which is called Meridol. Never heard of that either, but I don’t plan on going to Israel anytime soon.

I just thought you’d sleep better tonight armed with this information…oh, and the gel DOES work better! Not so much splattering!

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