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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


(First of all, I was hoping I could find this complete story and just paste it in here but haven't had any luck. What I am sharing with you is info I heard on TV this morning)

STARBUCKS COMING TO MACKINAC ISLAND??? A franchise ON the ISLAND??? I don't like the sounds of that! WAY back when a Mc'D's was shot down because they didn't want to start a trend; they wanted to keep the old ways and quaintness of the Island, so WHY would anyone consider a Starbucks on Mackinac Island??? The reasoning that they gave on the news was "Because it is what the tourists want." I find that hard to believe. I just don't see tourists flocking to Mackinac Island for COFFEE!!! Maybe fudge, but coffee?? After one has paid the fee to ride the ferry to the Island, I just can't imagine the first thing they are gonna look for is a cup of coffee that costs an hours worth of minimum wage!

Anyway, I digress and that is just MY opinion but here's the "news scoop" as I can recall it. It seems there is an older building on the Island that has been a restaurant and it will be torn down because it IS so old. Someone Starbucks got involved in this project and hope to build on that spot. It apparently is a large enough spot that a hotel could be built above the Starbucks. I believe that the news said that this still had to go before a "board" for a vote...I hope they vote NO!!! If I can find the whole story, I'll post it tomorrow or later today.

Right now, I can't even check email! Lighthouse has done something with their web mail program that appears to have messed up any one wanting to get into their own email program...I use Outlook and I keep getting a message that my password has been rejected and please enter it again. So, I went to Lighthouse's home page and they have a big notice that their webmail client is down because so many people were using it AS their email program. They go on to say, in RED LETTERS MIND YOU, that EMAIL PROGRAMS ARE STLL WORKING AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR MESSAGES TO YOUR EMAIL PROGRAM. HA! They don't open for another hour yet so I hope they get it resolved soon!

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