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Saturday, October 21, 2006

ON THE ROAD AGAIN....or my travels with Dan

October 19th was our 21st wedding anniversary. Friday I had my after surgery check up in the Soo. We decided to have our anniversary “dinner” at a place we had heard about in the Soo….you’ve got the idea for our “big day out” for Friday.

Before I go any further, please let me assure you I love Dan, my hubby, with all of my heart. And seeing what my sister went through (and she is 7 years younger) and being with her to try to comfort her with the loss of Gene, made me realize how blessed I am to have Dan.

The trip started out fairly simple enough…no problems between here and the Soo except for the stop at the rest area just outside of the Soo area. We went to get back into our vehicle and Dan had successfully pushed the correct button on the key fob to unlock the driver’s side, but didn’t push it again to unlock the rest of the doors. I’m waiting for him to push it again and out of the blue the horn starts blaring and the lights start flashing. He pushed the wrong button and still hadn’t let me in. In the meantime he’s fumbling trying to push the alarm button to shut everything off and he finally just hops in the car. He then realizes I’m still standing outside so he does some how manage to get MY door unlocked. The horn is still blaring, the lights are still flashing. Ya know 20-30 seconds can seem like an eternity when something like this happens to you. Dan finally got the correct button on the fob and shut the alarms and lights off, but just before he did that, I had this vision of him trying to shut them off by turning on the ignition. Now, I have to ask myself, what would happen if you DID do that??? Would it keep on flashing and blowing the horn? If you added a blue bubble light, could you go screaming through traffic??

My Dr appointment went fine! The stitches were ready to come out but steri-stitches were applied and need to be on for as long as I can keep them there, which he HOPES will be another week…’DON’T WANT YA POPPING OPEN!’ Comical guy. I told him about the shoulder blade problem that was growing worse and the added neck problem that requires me to only look in a downward position. He wrote a prescription for more PT on those areas. He also explained the photos that he took of the very frayed labrum that was taken during the surgery. He assured me that no, he did not sew my innards up with frostec heat tape (that is what it looked like in the photo…that or really thick shoe laces).

After Dan and I left there, we went to the restaurant. I am not going to tell you the name of the place. All I will say is that it IS in the Soo and not too far from the locks. We were told they have fantastic food, especially their Mexican food. We ordered an appetizer of homemade salsa cheesy sauce with homemade quesadilla chips. It was very tasty so we were anxious for the main course. I ordered a chicken chimi and Dan ordered a beef enchilada. When my plate arrived, I was some what dismayed that my chimi was only about 4” long but I had plenty of refried beans and a good portion of rice. There was a LOT of melted cheese on this hot plate which as it cooled became harder to coax it closer to the chimi.

I don’t know about you, but when I order Mexican food, I don’t want it to be “submissive”…I want some FIRE to it. I want to have the need to wash each mouthful down with water (or milk). Each of us added forkfuls (they didn’t give us spoons) of the cheesy salsa dip to the tops of our meals. That didn’t help much but it added a TEENEE bit of zing to it.

Remember I said Dan ordered a BEEF enchilada??? He got a CHICKEN enchilada! Not only was it the wrong animal, but he bit down on a good size bone within the chicken pieces. I was ready to call the waitress over and let her know how bad things were but he didn’t want to go through all of that. We both ate our meals but watched for more bones! Needless to say WE won’t be going back there. It DOES look like a fun place and maybe if you sat at the bar long enough you wouldn’t notice whether you actually enjoyed the food you ordered…assuming you got the food that you DID order. We’ll stick with the Antlers, Abners or the Chinese buffet place (can’t remember its name, darn it).

On the ride home, as we were coming into Newberry, I saw one of our friends outside by her car, so I asked Dan to honk the horn. About ½ mile down the road he finally honked the horn. For that ½ mile I was laughing at him because he couldn’t find the right spot on the steering wheel to make it honk. I told him next time he wants to get someone’s attention to push the button on the key fob and go from there.


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