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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


'64 Wreckage of Air Force Jet Discovered in Michigan
A forester with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has found the wreckage of a US Air Force jet from 1964. Kevin Labumbard made the discovery nearly two weeks ago in remote woods outside Gwinn.

The wreckage was from the crash of an F-89 Scorpion jet that crashed after taking off from the K-I Sawyer Air Force Base near Marquette. Pilot and Minnesota Air National Guard Colonel John Heard ejected safely.

The Guard is investigating why the wreckage was never cleaned up and whether it's responsible for doing so.

$25 trees to replace dead ash
DTE offers low-cost substitute for trees devastated by ash borer beetle.
Valerie Olander / The Detroit News

For the first time since the emerald ash borer beetle infested more than 15 million trees in southeastern Michigan, a tree restoration program has been launched directly for homeowners at reduced cost.

Residents who have lost trees in a 21-county area can buy 6- to 8-foot-tall potted varieties of maples, oak and gingko for about $25. Around 1,600 trees are being offered by the DTE Energy Foundation, in a partnership with the state's departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture.

"This is really a great opportunity because with the loss of ash trees, the price of trees has gone up, and this will allow people to plant replacements at a relatively low cost," said Joe Sulak, an urban forester for The Greening of Detroit.

The nonprofit group sells about 2,000 trees annually for at-cost prices at the Eastern Market. Most grant programs available through the state have been community-based for public property.

The pilot program, called Restoration of Our Trees or ROOT, was launched Monday at Howell's Bennett Recreation Center. Howell is one of eight partners to serve as local program administrators. Others in Metro Detroit include Oakland County/Michigan State University Extension, Monroe Conservation District/ MSU Extension and The Greening of Detroit.
"This has been a painful process as we watched trees being removed from our landscape by this devastating pest," DNR Director Rebecca Humphries said.

The Asian beetle has infested or killed about 15 million ash trees since its discovery in Michigan in 2002, according to the DNR. Another 700 million trees are at risk.

The state has put a 21-county area from Saginaw County to Lenawee and from Calhoun County to St. Clair under a firewood quarantine to stop the spread of the beetle into northern Michigan. DTE Energy has invested $583,000 since 1998 in a tree planting program . The ash borer has had a critical impact on operations, costing it millions of dollars from power outages.

"When the dead trees fall, they bring down our power lines and that costs us for repairs in addition to the crews needed to clear out the infected trees," said Nancy Moody, director of Government Affairs for DTE.

You can reach Valerie Olander at (517) 552 5503 or volander@detnews.com.

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