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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Sorry I've been "off line" for a while; I'll get into that later, but for now;

By STEVE BROWNLEE, Journal Staff Writer

MARQUETTE — The college experience got a little more interesting for some on-campus students at Northern Michigan University early Tuesday evening.

A moose, suspected to be a young bull, wandered onto campus and broke a first-floor window at the school’s Magers Hall about 7:15 p.m., according to Detective Capt. Mike Angeli of the Marquette City Police Department.While Angeli said the moose was chased away from the dormitory by officers and headed north away from campus, it was unclear whether the moose got inside the building or was disoriented while in an outside courtyard.NMU Public Safety officials couldn’t be reached this morning for information about the incident.

Reports of wild animals, including moose, coming into populated areas this time of the year don’t surprise Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials.“It’s not unusual for a moose to do something like this now,” said Dean Beyer, a DNR wildlife research biologist who has an office at NMU. “We’re in the middle of the (mating) rut right about now.“Moose, especially a young bull moose, will move long distances. They could be searching for a cow to mate with, or simply be a young bull dispersing after being chased away from its herd and looking for a new home range.”

Shorter days and cooler weather prompt moose to go into rut.“The decreasing daylight is the main factor, but this cooler, wetter weather can also contribute to it,” said Rob Atkinson, a wildlife technician based out of the DNR’s Marquette office.Beyer said that people need to steer clear of any wild animal they encounter.“They’re more aggressive this time of year,” Beyer said.

“It’s always best to keep your distance.”He estimated even a yearling bull generally weighs around 500 to 600 pounds.Atkinson said he’s received about 10 reports of moose observed in the greater Marquette area this spring and summer.

“There was one trapped behind the Comfort Suites (in Marquette Township) in June,” he said, “and two other reports in early July, one day of one swimming in Lake Superior by the (Upper Harbor) ore dock and the next day, a dead moose washing up on shore around Harvey.”

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