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Friday, September 01, 2006


I accuse my hubby of not taking the time to read things properly, skimming over words in an effort to try to get to the point of the story. I guess I can say I’m guilty of the same thing because when I read the 2nd story in particular, about the fire in Seney Wildlife Refuge, I felt like Rip VanWinkle in the Twilight Zone! HOW could this be going on and I didn’t know about it??

I obviously had done some skimming myself and totally missed the part about 30 YEARS AGO!!!

Sometimes I enjoy reading about “what happened” in years past and thought maybe you might too. But first we need to applaud a local hero!! You are going to need a little background to know why we need to be proud of this local hero.

Over the past year, the Cadbury Adams Company, maker of Halls Cough Drops has been running its Halls Heroes Contest in search of those who have bettered their community in some significant way. Mary Archambeau of Newberry who has fought valiantly in the past several months to financially maintain the YAOP Center (a drop in facility for teens and other residents in need) was nominated for the honor by Lori Miller. Archambeau was named a semi-finalist in July. After not hearing anything it was assumed she had not won. But last Tuesday she found out that she HAD won!! The contest gives the winner $5,000 and also awards $5,000 to one of the 3 local non profit organizations that Mary had chosen; the Area Senior Citizens, the 4H Leaders Council and the YAP Center. Mary was also successful in her appeal to the Soo Tribe officials for assistance in keeping the YAP Center open. Due to a LMAS Health Dept inspection, it was necessary to update the kitchen to comply with regulations…for which there were no funds. The Tribe awarded the YAP Center $6000 to renovate the kitchen. Not feeling that was enough to properly do the job, the tribal officials were able to garner another $3500 from its Greektown Casino in Detroit! SO CONGRATULATIONS MARY!!!

Superiorland Yesterdays
30 years agoMARQUETTE — About 15 Department of Natural Resources firefighters were continuing to battle a blaze today on Hogback Mountain north of Marquette. DNR fire officer Robert Claus said the blaze, which apparently began Wednesday from an unattended campfire, has burned about five acres of forest. Crews using hand tools have added a pump and water line in an attempt to control the fire, fanned over the weekend by strong winds. Claus said DNR personnel were hoping to contain the fire today.The Upper Peninsula has its first chance in 12 years for representation on the Michigan Board of Education with yesterday’s Democratic nomination of Marquette resident John Watanen for one of two vacant board seats. Watanen, a 40-year-old English professor at Northern Michigan University, received his party’s nod with 2,477 of 3,041 Democratic State Convention delegate votes — more than any other candidate for any office who faced a roll call vote.

SENEY — About 700 firemen from 22 states are continuing their battle against the month-old forest fire in the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, and officials are estimating the fire will be contained by this evening. Two special tractor-plow units, designed for use in swampy-boggy terrain such as that in the Seney refuge, were brought in late yesterday from the North Carolina State Forest Service and have been working on fire lines since their arrival. So far, the blaze has consumed 38,500 acres of timberland, and the fire is continuing to burn slowly, creeping in a northwesterly direction.

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