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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The Luce Co Chapter of SORVA has managed to get ALL of the county roads opened in Luce County to ATV's. This will take effect 30 days after the ordinance is published in the local paper (which will be August 16th). SORVA has worked very hard to make this happen so for you enthuisiasts, give a pat on the back to Jeff Thompson, President and his board. Also, please DO RESPECT THE LAWS AND THE LAND. As it is right now, it is going to take the National Guard to repair the damage that has been caused by ATV's on the beach up at Little Harbor on Lake Superior. I hope to have photos of this project when they are able to start.

Here are a couple of news articles that you might be interested in, sad as they are

Tompkinsville, KY (AP) -- An accident involving a four-wheeler resulted in the death of a southern Kentucky child Sunday.

Deputy Coroner Jackie Walden says two Monroe County brothers, ages five and seven, were playing when an unattended all-terrain vehicle popped out of gear into neutral, rolled five-to-seven feet and struck the five-year-old boy. The child was taken to the Monroe County Medical Center where he died the result of head injuries.

The child's identity has not been disclosed.

Walden says the seven-year-old was playing behind the ATV, but no one was operating it at the time.

A six-year-old boy is dead after an accident on an ATV in Sequatchie County, Tennessee, but detectives say it wasn't the crash that killed him.

Sunday, Dawson Grant got up and put on his favorite costume, a Batman mask and cape. Detectives say, just before seven A.M., Dawson ran outside to ride a 50-CC four-wheeler, a small ATV, designed for children between the ages of 6 and 11. Dawson's cape got caught in the chain and hub of the rear wheel, and he was strangled.

Detectives say Dawson's mother was in the house at the time of the accident, and when she noticed things had gotten a little too quiet, she went outside to check on her son. She found Dawson tangled in the ATV. Detectives say the mother screamed for her husband to call 9-1-1, meanwhile neighbors performed CPR.

Rescuers arrived a few minutes later and took Dawson to North Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. "It's a very sad accident, our heart goes out to the family and our prayers are with them," says Deputy Chief Clint Walker. "But, you just can't get too comfortable around anything that's motorized. If it's got enough power to do what those 50-CC's do, then it's got enough power to hurt you." It's not against the law in Sequatchie County for a child to ride a four-wheeler, as long as he or she is not on major roads. Tennessee Law does not require children to wear helmets on ATV's if they are on private property. Dawson's death has been ruled an accident.

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