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Sunday, June 04, 2006

ATVS AND SORVA of Luce County

We need to face it; ATVs and ORVs are here to stay. You can ride a 4 wheeler 8 months out of the year. The National sales are growing at a rate of approx. 8-1 over snowmobiles. Michigan alone is growing at a rate of approx.30, 000+ new registered 4wheelers a year and it isn't slowing down.

And it isn’t just a matter of educating those who come to the area to ride; even the locals need to be educated about where to ride, what the rules are, etc. IN SOME COUNTIES IT IS LEGAL TO RIDE AFTER SUNSET PROVIDING YOU HAVE AND USE HEADLIGHTS, TAILLIGHTS AND BRAKE LIGHTS WHICH ARE BRIGHTER THAN THE TAILLIGHTS. It is NOT legal in Luce County.

S.O.R.V.A. LC which is Sportsmen Off-Road Vehicle Association of Luce County has joined seven other chapters from across the U.P. They are a non profit organization. They are working with State and Local law enforcement agencies, the local Chamber of Commerce, local Tourism Association and the DNR who have formed a task force to try to curb illegal riding activities. S.O.R.V.A LC. plans on working with the Tread Lightly organization who promotes the safe and ethical riding of all off road vehicles. S.O.R.V.A.LC will also be doing radio spot's on the Eagle 96.7 in Newberry that will be promoting the safe and ethical riding in Luce County including updates on law's that need to be obeyed. So we can continue to enjoy our sport

If SORVA can establish designated ORV trails, it may be possible for the DNR to assist with maintenance and enforcement on those trails through a grant funding process, similar to what snowmobile associations currently do. The long term goal is to have a trail system where you get off at the Mackinac Bridge and go all the way west on a four wheeler. In the meantime they hope to connect the Rexton and Sandtown ORV trails in Mackinac County to those heading through Newberry north to the Silver Creek trail and then further North to the Two Heart trail and west to the Danaher Plains trail.

Luce Co. chapter President Jeff Thompson explains; “With the popularity of four wheelers growing at the rate it is, we feel the Newberry area will benefit by drawing them to this area. We already have the infrastructure to accommodate guests coming to the area to enjoy their sport. You can ride four wheelers from April 1 to December 1 that’s 8 months of riding a year. If we had a user friendly trail system, everyone benefits.”

Those interested in becoming a member or needing more info can call 906-293-4197 or 287-0515 or email sorvalc@yahoo.com.
The membership rates are
Single Membership $15
Family Membership $25
Basic Business $30-$50
Bronze Business $50-$250
Silver Business $251-$500
Platinum Business $501-and up per year

SORVA LC and the Newberry Chamber are selling the Michigan Off Road Guide, Upper Peninsula edition. The books are $25.00 each and there is valuable information as well as maps of each U.P. county. Within the book you will find maps of county, state and federal roads open to ORV travel, you will find county ORV ordinances, points of interest, back, road travel, rules and regulations and emergency contacts.

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