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Saturday, May 06, 2006


Today there are two major events occurring!!!

First and the most important one…CEDAR POINT OPENS TODAY!!!! I don’t know why I should be so excited about it since I won’t be going. Have you seen the new ride for this season?? I “took” a ride via their website last night. It is called the Skyhawk and this is the information; it accommodates 800 riders per hour, it has 125’ max swing, the ride time is a whole two minutes (I remember standing in line for 3 hours to go on a 3 minute ride!!!), the speed is 60 mph. The ride is 103’ above the ground. The two giant swinging arms are 84’ in length with 20 seats on each arm. Each set of 20 seats consists of two rows of 10 seats, positioned back to back, that provide each rider with a “front row” view. Using pneumatic technology similar to that used on Power Tower, riders are thrilled as they are pushed toward the sky, then experience weightlessness as they reverse direction and rush back toward the ground – just like the drop side of a roller coaster – with no ride structure in their path. At the peak of the arc, riders on Skyhawk are more than 125 feet in the air.

We’ve been there on opening day and actually it wasn’t too bad. The longest I stood in line was for the Millenium and even that was only for 20 minutes. Another good time to go is in September when they are only open on weekends. A friend of mine and I went one year in September and we were on and off the Magnum 3 times within 10 minutes…front seat every time. We would have kept riding except we were freezing!

WHY DO I TORTURE MYSELF???? Maybe next year….

TODAY IS DERBY DAY!! The other big event today is the Kentucky Derby!!! Did you know in the 125 year history of the Derby, only 11 horses have ever won the Triple Crown??

I think there is a field of 20 thoroughbreds this year, unless something has happened over night that I haven’t heard about yet.

When they start the parade past the grandstand and play My Old Kentucky Home, I can’t help but get a lump in my throat. There is something that is so stirring about watching those wonderful horses literally chomping at the bit, prancing around the track and that music playing in the background. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a horse, especially a horse with a desire to run. You can almost see it in their eyes and sense it in their flesh.

The emotional build up for the actual race for spectators like myself…the ones that can’t be there, starts in earnest Saturday morning. You watch a little news to see if anything has changed. Then late afternoon, you glue yourself to the TV watching the events, seeing what is going on in the padocks, etc. All this build up of a full day one can equate to standing in line 3 hours for a 3 minute roller coaster ride…after all the race is over with in about 2 minutes!

(If you are ever in Kentucky include a visit to Kentucky Horse Park.)

Enjoy the day, whatever you do! And if you ARE at Cedar Point, have a BLAST!!

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