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Sunday, May 07, 2006


DID YOU SEE THAT RACE??? WOW!!! For a horse that stumbled coming out of the gate, he sure got back on his feet and recovered quickly! Barbaro went on to win by 6 ½ lengths! It was an amazing race to watch. There is only 2 weeks till the Preakness; maybe there WILL be a Triple Crown Winner!!!

I had two horses that I liked. # 18 Brother Derek and #20 Flashy Bull. #18 came in 5th and paid $60,000. Flashy Bull did arrive but nothing to brag about by any means! One of these days I’m actually going to get to the Derby and actually place a bet!

If I’d had one of those Mint Juleps yesterday that they were selling for ONE THOUSAND BUCKS A PIECE and a bucket of KFC, I’d have been all set. In case you are wondering why anyone at the Derby would drink a $1000 mint julep and eat KFC, it is because this year for the very first time in the Derby’s history there was a corporate sponsor. That corporate sponsor was Yum…and they OWN KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Next thing we’ll be seeing are racing silks covered with advertisers logos! I HOPE NOT!! Can’t you just see some jockey coming round the far turn, his little butt up in the air and a Fruit of the Loom logo across his rear end???

Now about that $1000 mint julep; it had to have been well worth the price because it contained mint from Morocco, sugar from the South Pacific, and ICE FROM THE ARCTIC!!! AND it comes in a 24 karat gold plated cup! I’m sure the ice from the Arctic Circle would have been the frosting on the cake for the discriminating mint julep drinker. I mean, after all, the difference between “regular” ice and Arctic ice must be as easily detected by a “proficient drinker” as the difference between generic jam and Grandma’s home made jam…YEAH, right! And that 24 karat cup…I doubt you’ll find THAT littering the grandstand! I’m sure it tasted very, VERY special. And to quote an article that I read someplace on line “The price of this ridiculous drink could purchase a house, a wife, a half-dozen servants, and a farm to grow mint and sugar on in either Morocco or the South Pacific.”

This drink gives new meaning to My Old Kentucky Home. WHY you may ask?? Well because the money raised from selling this drink goes to help raise awareness about the needs of retired thoroughbreds. The proceeds will go to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation which provides HOMES for former racehorses. RETIREMENT HOMES FOR RACEHORSES.

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