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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I LOVE technology. I LOVE my computer, I LOVE my wireless headset. And being able to offer WiFi to our guest is great!!! What I DON’T love is all these damn cables!!! And NOW I’ve got 3 more cables to contend with!

You know all the cables that come from your computer; they set out in search of your monitor, your keyboard, your mouse, your printer, your modem (whatever type it might be, you’ve got a wire of some kind for that too). If you don’t have built in speakers on your monitor, then you’ve got wires for that. And thank goodness most of them are now color coded. I think THAT is the worst part…getting everything back exactly where it belongs if you’ve had to take it in for repairs or whatever.

Now, about the wireless headset….the headset IS wireless. I can get about 300’ away from its battery and the phone before I can’t hear the other person. BUT, there is the transformer wire which plugs into an outlet, and then there is the phone wire that plugs into the phone which the other end plugs into the battery. Then there is one more wire that makes the device that is adhered to the side of the phone “go into action” to raise the handset anytime you take the headset off from its battery stand. I originally started out with a wired headset. I felt it would be a rare occasion that I needed to walk 300’ away from my office on a phone call and figured the less expensive version would work just fine for my office set up. It WOULD have worked just fine for my office set up…as long as I took all of my calls standing up. The wired one could clip on to your belt, your pocket, etc. Since I didn’t always have pockets, it was usually clipped to the waist of my jeans. Every time I took a call, if I’d get in a certain position at my desk, I would cut the person off. I couldn’t figure it out because it worked just fine while I was standing. It finally dawned on me that my increasing waistline was the guilty party. My belly bulge would disconnect the call! I hate to admit that, but it is the truth!

OK, we’re down to the Wireless Internet connection that we now offer to our guests. It is a free service for our guests that is available in our lobby. BUT before we could offer that, I had to get Wild Blue Satellite service for myself. I’m glad I got it; it beats the heck out of waiting an hour for a picture to download. Prior to Wild Blue, if I had emails that were more than 750 KB, I would delete any emails before they downloaded to Outlook. NOW I DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE!! Anyway, so now I have this Wild Blue modem box which sits nestled on the lower shelf between the computer and the battery back up system….along with a surge protector strip because you don’t want to plug your printer into the battery back up. The printer and monitor set on the desk counter (along with Webster and a few other reference books). Wild Blue comes with 3 more cables!!! WHY WAS I NOT SURPRISED??? Well, then, there was the installation of the router which would allow us to give our guests WiFi internet connection (or if the guest has a regular, old type laptop, they can plug into the connection of ANOTHER CABLE that runs from the router to the lobby). So, now that the router is installed I have a whole passel of new cables to to dust around and to remember where THEY plug into should I ever have to unplug them. Even the credit card machine has 3 wires!! At least the USB for my camera isn’t something that is in the way! And the other office computer is just hooked up to a keyboard and mouse and networked to MY computer. So, there is just the normal amount of wires with it!

What I cannot understand, with all of the advances in technology, the man on the moon, the trip to Mars, a type of ethanol that can be made from prairie grass and sold for $1.00 a gallon (that’s a story for another time)…WHY CAN’T I HAVE A TOTALLY WIRELESS OFFICE??? I laptop is not practical for me or if there is one out there that can replace all that I’ve got, I probably couldn’t afford it!

When I say I am wired, I REALLY, REALLY mean it! ARRGGHHHH!!!!! Posted by Picasa

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