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Friday, May 05, 2006


For those of you that have been reading my trail reports for several years, you know we have talked about a variety of things. One of the things I like to share with you is if I come across a product or service that I am especially pleased with. That’s what today’s “story” is about.

First, a bit of background; I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. I wear orthotics; have flat, WIDE feet and my feet over-pronate. Needless to say, when I worked in the corporate world, I had a very difficult time finding any comfortable dress shoes. So, this is another plus of becoming a Yooper woman! NO DRESS SHOES REQUIRED!! However, the nature of our business requires me to do a lot of walking so comfortable walking shoes are essential.

I have found an online store at www.onlineshoes.com. They carry at least 100 brands of shoes including New Balance. Their prices are very reasonable on any of their shoes and lots of times there are good sales. There is no shipping charge if you allow them to send your shoes by regular mail and they have a 90 day return policy (HOW could it take anyone 90 days to decide on a pair of shoes??). IF that wasn’t enough, the customer service reps in this business must have trained at Disney World. They DO go above and beyond and I’ll explain why I say that.

I have always worn the NB842. It takes care of all of my problems (has a built in “roll bar” for the over-pronation problem, comes in a wide and is a good, sturdy walking shoe). THIS time I could not find that shoe! It had been discontinued and upgraded and improved and the new model is an 843. I emailed OnLine Shoes about my problem and asked for suggestions. We had exchanged a couple of emails. The person that had been handling my questions called me! He felt it might be easier and quicker if we tried to resolve this over the phone! HE called ME!! I ordered the NB843’s and received them about 5 days later (no shipping or handling charges). I wore them for 2 days and realized that the “improvements” they made were hurting my knees and the backs of my legs. I did another search at their online store and decided to try the NB659.

I called their 800 # so I could make the return/exchange. The lady I spoke with was very helpful and professional. She told me they had one pair left in my size and she would immediately order it for me. I explained that I was returning the other pair and that it would be a couple of days till I could get it in the mail. She said “Don’t do that! Let me email you a shipping label so you can UPS it back to us at OUR expense.” WOW!!

The OnLineshoes Company sent my new order immediately (I had the 2nd pair of shoes within 5 days of the phone call). The adjustment has already been made on my credit card (the NB659’s are about $10.00 less than the NB843’s) and the 659’s feel great!!

In the fall and winter months, Dan and I both wear the NB974’s. I HOPE they don’t stop making them!

We HIGHLY recommend this company.

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