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Friday, April 28, 2006


Minutes of April 11, 2006

Present: Skip Brockman, Bob Brown, Judy Brown, Jim Buckingham, Keith McNamara, Cathy Clementz, Carlton Richmond, Bob Marvin Brown, John Gallagher, Stan Porter, Ray McHaffey, Jerry Wendling, Shelley Ahtila, Time Maskus, Paulie Gaberdiel, Marty Harju

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Treasurer’s report was presented and reviewed. No additions or corrections, motion by Cathy and 2nd by John to accept. Carried.

Minutes were presented and reviewed. No additions or corrections, motion by Jim and 2nd by Carlton to accept. Carried.

Skip informed us that #9 was still out for repairs. He presented a quote for replacement of cleats for #9 which came to $26,500. Since we are not in a financial position at this time to make this purchase, no decisions were made.

Brushing is done from CR 500 to the Falls.

To compare the increase in a portion of the operating costs, the following information was provided: For the season of 2004-2005, TASA fuel cost was $17,264.40 and groomed 19,447 miles. For 2005-2006 TASA the fuel cost was $22,351. and groomed 17,847 miles (mild winter; not as much time on the trails).

Paulie Gaberdiel, DNR, expressed his appreciation for how well TASA’s trails were signed, brushed and maintained this season. He said TASA did an excellent job. There were 3 DNR trail inspections during the course of the season, and each time TASA trails were in very good shape with signs where they should be. He also highly commended TASA Treasurer and Grant Writer, Judy Brown. Paulie is extremely grateful for how meticulous Treasurer Judy is with all of the paperwork that she submits to the State and the DNR. Her attention to detail makes it much easier to process TASA’s reimbursements, etc. A big round of applause for Judy as well as for Trail Boss Bob and the “crew”.

Tim Maskus, Luce Co. Sheriff Dept, shared with everyone present that this past season was one of the best as far as lack of accidents and fatalities in our area. There were only 13 snowmobile accidents in Luce Co.

Shelley Ahtila, Executive Director of the Newberry Chamber, informed everyone of the new association of SORVA. This association has been joined in an effort to promote ATV and quad riding as well as covering safety issues, etc. Maps have gone to print.
Shelley also told everyone that the Chamber had no formal complaints about the trails this year and she commended everyone on an outstanding season.

Shelley informed everyone that she had resigned her position as Chamber Director and would be heading back to the corporate world to a job in Florida.

No further business, that concluded the regular meeting.


Carlton Richmond chaired the Election of Officers.

Office of Secretary, one nomination for Cathy Clementz made by Judy Brown. No other nominations. Carlton asked Cathy if she would accept position and she agreed. Cathy Clementz installed as Secretary.

Office of Treasurer, one nomination for Judy Brown made by Cathy Clementz. No other nominations. Carlton asked Judy if she would accept position of Treasurer and she agreed. Judy Brown installed as Treasurer.

Office of 1st. Vice President, one nomination for Patrick Conlon who declined the position. Second nomination for John Gallagher made by Bob Brown. Carlton asked John if he would accept position and he agreed. John Gallagher installed as First V.P.

Office of 2nd Vice President, one nomination for Ray McHaffey made by Patrick Conlon. Carlton asked Ray if he would accept position and Ray agreed. Ray McHaffey installed as 2nd. V.P.

Office of President, one nomination for Skip Brockman made by John Gallagher, 2nd nomination for Bob Brown made by Patrick Conlon. Bob declined position. Carlton asked Skip if he would accept position and Skip agreed. Skip Brockman installed as President.

Slate of officers for 2006-2007 as follows: President, Edward (Skip) Brockman, 1st. V.P. John Gallagher, 2nd V.P. Ray McHaffey, Treasurer, Judy Brown, Secretary Cathy Clementz.

Next meeting will be held May 9th 2006 at 7 p.m. at groomer barn.

Motion to adjourn made by John Gallagher, 2nd by Jim Buckingham. Meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

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